Glimpses into our Credentials

    A few of the OEM products for which comprehensive product support and services has been provided are:

  • Laser Range finder and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS).
  • The product is compact packaged equipment which performs the function of two equipment, Laser Spot Tracker (LST) and Eye-safe Laser Range Finder (LRF). This equipment is mainly dedicated for close air support in Killer-Scout strategy in day or night, air to ground attack either alone or with cooperative illumination .In today’s combat world the targets are hidden or mobile and specifically small and defended in a very complex background of suburbs, village or mountains where friend and enemy troops are close together making it critical for a pilot to identify targets with precision. LRMTS is the answer to tackle such situation. One friend designates the right target and one friend delivers the appropriate weapon (Killer-scout).

    Maintenance support of this equipment was provided by Aerotech Services under following maintenance strategy:

  • OLM
  • First maintenance level, consisting of Preventive operations, Detect and confirm a fault, Determine and replace the faulty LRU and Correct operation check.

  • ILM
  • Second maintenance level, consisting of Confirm a fault on the removed LRU, Determine and replace the faulty SRU and Correct operation check of the LRU

  • DLM
  • Third maintenance level, consisting of Higher level done by the OEM

    Aerotech Field Service Engineers were trained by the OEM and provided on-site customer support at remote locations on this equipment. Activities included, Software up -gradation, Periodical servicing, Nitrogen purging, SRU removal and installation, Fabrication of field test equipment etc.

  • Inertial Navigation Systems
  • Inertial navigation process allows a vehicle to locate itself in space (position, speed and attitude) in a permanent, automatic and autonomous manner. It calls upon inertial detectors (rate gyros and accelerometers) attached on a platform, which is linked to the carrier vehicle (“Strap –down” systems). In such systems, all output values are calculated based on information delivered by the angular rotation (rate gyros) and linear acceleration (accelerometers) detectors. GPS information is used to compensate the effect of inertial parameters drift, in order to compute optimal navigation data.

    Aerotech services is the sole product support provider for Sigma Inertial Navigation System (INS) being utilized in India. These INS are fitted on land movers, ships and aircraft.

    Maintenance support of this equipment was provided by Aerotech Services after Field Service Engineers were trained by the OEM, overseas. The team works independently on “I” and “O” level maintenance issues for the products, tools and test benches. The team also facilitates logistic management of OEM products in service in India.

  • Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • The AFCS16x subsystem is a fully digital 4-axis Automatic Flight Control System. It contains inner loops as well as upper modes loops for stabilisation and flight path control. It has been designed for the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) of the aircraft manufacturer HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) for 3 versions, Air Force, Navy, and Civil. The ALH is a twin-engine, semi-rigid rotor, helicopter of 4000/ 5500 kg class. The ALH has a dual pilot cockpit configuration and conventional mechanical controls.

    The first and main purpose of AFCS is to stabilize and hold the attitude of the helicopter in order: to improve the stability in difficult conditions (wind, dynamic transient flying condition, etc.) to lighten the workload of the pilot: When the AFCS is engaged, the pilot can focus on the purpose of the mission (SAR, fighting, SONAR, etc.)

    The AFCS is a full feature rich system, with variants for different kind of helicopters. Aerotech Field Service Engineers were trained in France by the OEM, and now continue to provide on-site customer support at remote locations where this equipment is deployed.

  • Video Recording Systems (VRS)
  • The EVS 901 is a high resolution analogue video recorder designed for the storage and restoration of video images. This equipment is equipped with HI8 tape deck and is compatible with PAL composite video signal, with PAL (Y/C) with separate luminance and chrominance components, the black and white composite signal (B/W) and provided with two audio channels (right and left).


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