Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • We believe in Sustainable Agriculture at our Tea Gardens. We ensure that our gardens' productivity is enhanced over long term by taking steps to reduce the adverse impacts on the natural resources and associated ecosystems. Low input agriculture is a priority with us. We also ensure that social benefits both in monetary and non – monetary terms are maximized.

  • Environment
  • We care for our Environment. We use minimum chemicals in our agricultural practices. Soil and Water Management complied with integrated pest Management is actually the cornerstone of our resource management policy. We are equally committed towards the safeguard of Wild life surrounding our estates.

    On the technology front, we are also a company that acknowledges and respects the value of intellectual property. We adopt a very strict anti-piracy policy at work.

    This cub was saved by the Estate Manager, Romai after it was abandoned by its mother.
  • Education & Health Care
  • We support Education & Health Care as it is close to our heart. We provide primary education to our employees' children and healthcare facility for all employees. Health care is either through captive medical care, or through government systems such as Employee State Insurance or through company sponsored insurance.

    We understand that children are our future and a healthy upbringing coupled with a sound education can provide them a launching pad for a bright future. We provide educational facilities to our staff positioned at remote places, as in the north east.

  • Welfare and Recreational facilities
  • We also support a number of Welfare and recreational activities and believe that it is part of our obligation to the society. We also believe that recreation enhances productivity. Some of the recreational activities include, but not limited to, sports and cultural events

  • Given Below are the glimpses of Various CSR Projects undertaken by the company as part of its statutory obligations under Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013:


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