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Aerotech is the aerospace product support services division of Rossell India Limited. Aerotech was formed in June 2005 and has had agreements with foreign OEM’s for offering critical post-sales support services. Aerotech has long term agreements with OEM’s in the avionics, communications and ground support equipment business. Aerotech provides Product Support at various locations of the three Indian defence services, Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSU’s) and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Aerotech Services

  • Overview
  • Aerotech is a division of Rossell India Limited, having its offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Lucknow. Aerotech Services specializes in providing in-country support on equipment / systems supplied by foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the domains of avionics, navigation, communication systems and other on board electronic systems. Aerotech works in coordination with Rossell Techsys for any value addition needs of customers.

  • Scope of Activity:
  • Aerotech supports the requirements of the OEM and its customers with respect to equipment in active deployment in India. The gamut of activity includes the following -

    • Installation, operationalization and up-gradation of OEMs equipment, accessories and test benches. Ensuring reliability and availability of equipment for operational use by evangelizing correct deployment practices in operations and maintenance, through onsite training.
    • Performing “I” and “O” level maintenance of equipment, achieving and maintaining turnaround Time (TAT). Facilitating achievement of prescribed meantime between Failure (MTBF) through correct operational practices. Prompt and accurate reporting of defects to OEM’s. Correct analysis of cause of failure and suggested corrective measures. Generation of database for analysis of performance.
    • Prompt, safe and correct transportation of defective items for repair, including reshipment. Tracking of this process to avoid / forestall delays. Fulfilling warranty liabilities.
    • Customer relationship management and communication of wider business possibilities and follow up with OEM’s.
    • Higher Value addition of local technical wherewithal (e.g. AMCs, modifications, upgrades, rework on PCBs and test benches.)
    • Local logistic, administrative and technical support for all the above.

  • Product Support Capabilities:
  • All OEMs of aircraft, helicopter, ships, army weapon platforms having avionics related electronics, could leverage on Aerotech’s skill, capability and credentials:

    • Aerotech personnel are highly skilled and experienced and can undertake maintenance after necessary type training up to I-level or higher, if required. Aerotech personnel are also skilled in imparting training for customer’s maintenance staff on specific types of equipment.
    • Aerotech’s team also undertakes Modifications and fault analysis, suggesting improvements for better performance. Aero tech’s team can independently perform Product Installation and Integration of systems.
    • Aerotech are well versed in maintaining turnaround Time (TAT) and track logistics for supply of OEM products and / or spares.

  • Resources and locations:
  • Aerotech’s skill person power are highly experienced and chosen from among the cream of the available talent pool. Our resource pool is trained up to “I” and “O” level maintenance procedures. To meet customer satisfaction Aerotech has offices in Delhi, Lucknow, Pune and Bangalore. This is to ensure that the customer is attended to within 24 to 48 hours of reporting of a fault / problem.

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