Rossell Tea Ltd. was incorporated on 10th June, 1994 with Dikom and Nokhroy Tea Estates located in the state of Assam, the erstwhile company of Jokai India Ltd., established in late 19th century. “Jokai” was a well-known mark in the tea industry for its quality over time. The production from tea estates at the time of takeover in 1994 was 2.7 million kgs of black tea. Thereafter, successive acquisitions of Nagrijuli, Bokakhat, Romai, Namsang and Kharikatia Tea Estates, all located in quality belt of Assam, increased production to 5.80 Million Kgs. & the total area under Tea at the Estates is around 2,900 hectares. At present, Rossell Tea produces some of the finest CTC and Orthodox Tea, which is also exported to USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Iran, UAE and other destinations. Rossell Tea employs about 6,000 people. Tea from Rossell is HACCP approved and adheres to the international MRL norms 2-4D free certified. Rossell Tea is a member of the ethical tea partnership.

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